Computer Repair Service, Data Recovery - Washington, PA 15301

Computer Repair Service
Data Recovery

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Computer Repair Service, Data Recovery - Washington, PA 15301

Web Hosting
Commercial Web Space For Less - Some web providers operate an additional dial-up or video streaming Internet service with 1000's of users that slow down their connection to the Internet.

Remember that we are not Internet Access providers, the full bandwidth of our servers is dedicated to serving only our clients web sites!  Keeping the stream of data to your clients is the first priority at CAM CO

Standard Features Include;

  • Unlimited number of hits. We don't  penalize success! No fee for transfers either.
  • 100 POP Email Accounts in size from 1GB to UNLIMITED -  You can access the box or setup forwarding to another address.
  • From 1GB minimum to UNLIMITED GB of Disk Storage - Plenty of space for your HTML, graphics, video, and audio files.
  • You're Own CGI/BIN directory - No need to wait for the SYSOP to load your CGI or Perl scripts.
  • FTP & Telnet Access - Allows you to update your files when you want!
  • A Secure Server - Unlimited SECURE transactions are available for a small additional fee.

Sign up today. We can have you on the web in a matter of hours. Your site will be hosted on one of our continuously monitored, hosting only Level I servers with 99.999% up time guaranteed.  Secured FTP access allows you to monitor and update your site at your convenience. 

Computer Repair Service, Data Recovery - Washington, PA 15301 All customers receive priority technical support.  If you don't receive a human generated response from our technical support team in 1 business day, you'll receive that month free.  We can register in any countries domain!  Including .ca, .mx, .es, .us, .it, .gr  and all others!

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