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Computer Repair Service, Data Recovery - Washington, PA 15301

Web Positioning
Below is one of the REAL secrets to the success (or failure) of your web site. CAM CO has spent most of our time learning what changes each of the major search engines has implemented.  While it takes a great deal of time and effort to position your web site, it pays off big time when done correctly.  When called upon to provide this type of web positioning, CAM CO uses only the latest techniques to obtain the best possible positioning of you site on the major search engines.

Why Your Web Site’s Rank Matters!
There's a pervasive myth among Web site managers that simply submitting your Web site to hundreds of search engines will increase traffic to your site. That's just not true. When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 matches -- or does your competition?  If you're listed but not within the first two or three pages of results, you lose, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to.  There are two obstacles to solving this problem.  First, you have to know the techniques that will move you into a top 10 position – the very techniques contained in this special report. Then, once you learn how to achieve a top 10 search position, you have to monitor your progress -- a crucial step that takes hours to do right.

A top 10 ranking in a major search engine such as Google, Bing,  Infoseek, Hotbot, Yahoo!, or MSN often will generate more targeted traffic than an expensive banner advertising campaign . Consider this:

Virtually everyone begins their Web browsing at one of the 10 major search engines.  Your rank in these search engines determines how many people will find and visit your Web site.  Major search engines attract more distinct visitors than almost any other Web sites. Yahoo alone boasts 155 million page views a day – and that was back in December of 1997!
Other forms of on-line advertising such as banner ads, cost money.  Just a few good positions under a few important keywords can deliver the same or better results.  Being in the Yellow Pages doesn't ensure even one phComputer Repair Service, Data Recovery - Washington, PA 15301 one call.  You need a good listing, a large display ad.  In search engines, the higher you rank under important keywords, the more traffic you'll get.  Remember that nearly 90% of traffic to most Web sites comes from search engines.

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